June 3, 2023

Mountain Progressive Review

A Community-Led News Organization

About Us

In the summer of 2020, a motley group of residents in the San Bernardino Mountains began the process of founding a community-led, progressive local newspaper. This passion project evolved into what is now Mountain Progressive Review.

The paper was founded to serve as a mouthpiece for diverse voices and to provide a platform for the underrepresented and marginalized. Its purpose is to inform and enrich by sharing news, stories, and art that speak to our core values of inclusiveness, progressiveness, compassion.

We believe that black lives matter. We believe in equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe in healthcare for all. We believe in women’s reproductive rights. We believe that it is our responsibility to combat climate change. We believe that no human is illegal.

MPR is a 501c3 nonprofit news organization, and so is reliant upon the participation and support of our community. We humbly ask our readers to become members, and to support our cause with written and artistic contributions.


Mission Statement

To create and maintain a community-led platform for diverse voices, and to provide progressive news and education to the residents of San Bernardino Mountains.

Board of Trustees

Lucia Ball – Editor-in-Chief & Secretary

Henry Flores – Trustee

Kim Monroe – Trustee

Andrew Narzynski – Treasurer

Eva Terekhova – President

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