February 3, 2023

Mountain Progressive Review

A Community-Led News Organization

Membership Application

At Mountain Progressive Review (MPR), membership is everything. We are run democratically, so every member has a voice in the direction of the newspaper. All members in good standing have the authority to join committees and to cast a vote.

We have written into our bylaws that only members can be published by MPR, as this venture is a collaborative effort. And so, we ask that all contributors join our efforts to make this paper, so that we may each support the new world we’re building together.

We are people who care deeply about our home and neighbors. We believe that a community-led, progressive paper for diverse voices in the San Bernardino Mountains has a place online, in print, and in action.

Become a member today, and let’s move mountains together.

We will be offering free digital content, which is funded by membership fees, donations, and advertisement revenue. Your membership fees are essential in helping grow our organization and continuing its work.

Types of Membership:

Residents: Any current resident, property owner, business operator, or employee of the San Bernardino Mountains from Cedarpines Park to Green Valley Lake.

Non-Residents: We welcome all those who support us and believe that it is important for the mountain communities to develop solidarity with folks outside the immediate community. However, we do reserve voting privileges for those that have an immediate connection to the mountains.

Payments: We are committed to whole community participation. If you would like to become a member and contribute in a non-monetary way, please let us know and we will waive your dues.

Content Contributors (i.e. Writers, Photographers): One of our foremost goals is to start paying our contributors as soon as we are able to do so. Meanwhile, please select either the $5/month option and we will waive your monthly dues for each article MPR accepts for publication or the $60/year option and we will add a month to your following year’s membership subscription for each monthly published article.

Students: High school/middle school student membership is free. We would love for our mountain youth to contribute content to the paper. If you become a student member, please also sign up for the scholastics committee!

By applying for a fee waiver, you are agreeing to have at least one of your submitted works published each month in Mountain Progressive Review. MPR cannot guarantee that all submissions will be accepted for publication. We suggest making multiple submissions of quality work each month to increase your chances of being published in MPR and of having your fees for that month waived. Please select your desired monthly membership option above before proceeding with the rest of the application.